Storybrand Website Wireframe

StoryBrand Website Wireframe: Maximize Your Websites Impact and Engagement

Get the Storybrand website wireframe you’ve read about.

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As seen in Marketing Made Simple

Clarify Your Message Before Design

Know your website message is going to communicate before getting bogged down in fonts, colors and graphics.

Have confidence before design your website is going to work

It’s the words you use that going to sell whatever you do. Know for certain your message works.

Eliminate Confusion and Set a Clear Path To Follow

Like a beautiful home begins with a blueprint your website should begin with a wireframe.

The problem

You want to clarify your message and design with a wireframe like the one you’ve read about, but…

  • You’re not sure how it should lay out to best tell your story
  • You’ve tried to build a wireframe on your own but you feel stuck
  • You want the help of a Storybrand Guide

As Donald Miller says, “It’s the words you use that’s going to sell what you do.” Marketing dollars spent on a website without a clear message and design is a waste.

We believe you deserve clarity.

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Free Storybrand Website Wireframe Template

Get the Storybrand website wireframe template that we use for every project here at StoryWorks for free! Just share with us your name and email at it will immediately be delivered to your email inbox.

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Our solution

A StoryWorks Discovery Session

This “done for you” solution enables you to harness the power and potential of the Storybrand marketing framework to be used within your website and marketing.

A StoryWorks Discovery Call Includes:

  • 90 minute ZOOM session – Meet with a Certified Storybrand Guide
    • Clarify your message and create a Storybrand brandscript for your business
    • Includes brandscript, brand story long form and one-liner
  • Storybrand SEO – We take the information from your brandscript and create the SEO framework to attract the Character of your story to your website.
  • Storybrand Website Wireframe – We then use your brandscript and SEO framework to create the website wireframe you’ve read about
  • Storybrand Existing Website Review – Get a video review of your existing website from a Certified Storybrand Guide to better undrestand how you can use your new wireframe and strengthen your overall marketing.


Take the first step to Storybrand your business for only $3,499

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Storybrand Guide Tim Yates with Storybrand Founder Donald Miller

You have 3 seconds to grab your visitors attention

When a potential client first visits your website you have only 3 seconds, and within those three seconds they need to know:

  • Who you are
  • What you offer
  • How what you offer is going to make their lives better
  • How they can get it

Any marketing dollars spent to build a website that is unclear or confusing is a waste.

Using Donald Miller’s Storybrand framework I can help you cut through the noise and confusion and help you build a website that connects with your ideal customers in 3 seconds or less.

Schedule a Call and let’s talk about your business.

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Have you tried building your wireframe on your own, but unsure if you’re headed in the right direction?

Hiring a Certified Storybrand Coach is the affordable way to DIY your marketing but still reap from the experience and rewards of implementing the Storybrand Marketing Framework.

  • Schedule a 1 hour coaching session
  • Have you questions answered
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Know for certain you’re on the right track

“I needed someone to help me do more than just “build a good website.” I needed someone to help me create and convey the story I needed to tell. This is why I would 100% recommend hiring Tim and StoryWorks. The best thing about working with Tim was his guidance in using the Storybrand framework to help me to clarify and define our marketing message. By asking the right questions, Tim was able to pull out of me the story I wanted to tell. So I say 100%  yes, you should hire Tim!”

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StoryWorks Q & A

Common Questions Asked About A Storybrand Website Wireframe

What is a Storybrand Website Wireframe?

A website wireframe is like a basic sketch of a website. It’s not fancy or detailed; it’s more like an outline that shows where to put things on a webpage. The idea is to make the website tell a story where the visitors feel like heroes and the brand (or company) is like a helpful guide.

In StoryBrand, it’s really important to make sure your message is clear. The wireframe helps with this. It’s like a map for placing important things like your main message, what action you want visitors to take, and other key info. This way, you plan your website to make sure it tells your story right and helps visitors understand what you do and how you can help them.

Before adding colors, pictures, and all the detailed content, you use a wireframe to set up the basic parts of your webpage. This helps make sure that your marketing ideas, like a catchy phrase about your company or a way to get visitors’ contact details, fit well into the website. It’s a crucial step in making a website that really connects with people and follows the StoryBrand way of doing things.

Why is a Website Wireframe important for my business?

Any good developer will tell you that the best time to identity and fix problems is before the design process even begins. A website wireframe help you to clarify your message and design helping you to have continuity of design and allows you to see what works and what doesn’t before design.

How can I create a Website Wireframe?

If you’re the DIY marketing type wanting to build a wireframe for your website simply download this free Storybrand Website Wireframe Template.

We use this template here at StoryWorks for all of our projects. It will walk you through the sections of Storybrand Website Design and provide helpful information and insights along the way.  With this Wireframe template you can lay out your message in a clear and compelling way.

No longer Feel frustrated or embarrassed by your website

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Storybrand your business and get the website you’ve read about in Donald Miller’s best-selling books. We use Storybrand to identify your ideal clients, clarify your message, identify your most profitable keywords to use, then bring it all together with a website wireframe and beautiful custom website. Includes 1 year of hosting and 1 year of unlimited changes.