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Investing in a website for your business shouldn’t be so stressful

Every website we build includes one year of unlimited tweaks and changes after it’s launch, so you have the confidence of knowing your website is going to do what you need.

Clear message empowered by Storybrand Certified Website Design

Dependable and repeatable results each month

Hassle-free and cash-friendly affordable plans

If you’re like most of our clients,

You probably already have a website for your business, but…

  • You’re pretty sure no one is seeing it
  • Your marketing message is hard to understand or confusing
  • It’s not generating new leads or sales
  • It’s not very good and you’re embarrassed to share it

Having an effective website in 2023 can be the difference between failure or survival.

But we don’t just want you to survive, we think you should THRIVE!

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Building a website for your business can be a significant investment so we understand your need to get it right

Here are the top three fears we hear the most:

    What if I don't know what to say?

    After we build it, how can we make sure people are seeing it?

    What if I make a wrong choice and get stuck with a website that doesn't work?

    We get it. You’ve got a lot riding on this investment. This is why, after talking with hundreds of leaders like you and hearing your fears, concerns, and worries, we offer these three “stress busters” with every website plan we sell.

    Pssst…our competitors think we’re crazy for offering #3.


    We help you find the words to say

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    Most website designers are not copywriters or have studied the psychology behind motivating and converting website browsers into buyers, so they’ll often say, “You provide the copy, and then we’ll do the build.” The problem is, knowing what to say is the hardest part! 

    As Donald Miller, the author of Building a Storybrand, says, “It’s the words you use that’s going to sell what you do.”  

    Here at Storyworks, we’re a “words first” agency. So, every project begins with a Storyworks Discovery Session. At this 90-minute Zoom meeting, our Certified Storybrand Guides, who Donald Miller has trained, will walk you through the Storybrand Marketing Framework to help you clarify your message and find the right words to resonate with your ideal customer. Words that will inspire your website visitors to take action. Words that will convert them from simple browsers into buyers. 

    We design a proven SEO strategy to attract your ideal clients

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    Every week, we hear tragic stories from business leaders who have spent thousands of dollars to build a beautiful website, only to discover months later that no one is seeing it. 

    With over 3 billion websites online today, unless you build your website on a solid SEO foundation, you’re just not going to get the website traffic and new visitors you need. Unfortunately, too many design agencies build websites without considering this important step. 

    At Storyworks, every website we build includes a custom SEO strategy designed specifically for your business, which becomes the foundation on which we build your website. Once we’ve found your ideal clients, we take the necessary steps to ensure they can find you. So you can have a dependable and repeatable stream of new website visitors every month. 


    We give you the time you need to make sure your website is right

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    Here at Storworks we understand that whether you are building your first website, or fixing the one you have, building a website is complicated and requires a lot of decisions and choices, which can be confusing, overwhelming, and stressful. After all, as the leader, you have a lot riding on this investment. 

    We understand that although you may have an idea of what you need before we begin, you won’t know for sure until you’ve seen it in action and tested it, which is why we offer one thing our competitors won’t. (And they’ve told us we’re crazy for doing it!) Time. One full year.

    After we’ve completed our entire design process and built for you the website you need (typically somewhere between 12-16 weeks) to help alleviate any fears or worries you may have and give you the confidence you deserve, we provide, from the moment your website goes live, one full year of unlimited tweaks and changes to make sure you’ve gotten it right.

    Every quarter, we’ll set a time to review your website, check Google Analytics and search, and then make any necessary tweaks or changes you feel are needed to get the results you expect.  

    So you have a choice: hire a competitor, and yes, you will get a website, but hire Storyworks and get the website you need, plus a dedicated marketing team at your side for one full year. 

    I guess we could be like other agencies. You know, cash your check,  build a quick website, and then forget about you as you try to figure it out on your own.  But we’d rather be part of your success story and do the necessary work to ensure your website is going to do what you need to grow your business.

    Gordon Haave Advisormax

    Gordon Haave

    Sales & Marketing Expert/Chief Investment Officer

    “I needed someone to help me do more than just “build a good website.” I needed someone to help me create and convey the story I needed to tell. This is why I would 100% recommend hiring Tim and StoryWorks. The best thing about working with Tim was his guidance in using the Storybrand framework to help me to clarify and define our marketing message. By asking the right questions, Tim was able to pull out of me the story I wanted to tell. So I say 100% yes, you should hire Tim!”

    Some of the companies we’ve helped:

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    Here’s how we do it

    Step 1. Schedule a Call

    Let’s talk about your business, your challenges, and how I can help.

    Step 2. We Get To Work

    We begin with a Discovery Session to find the right words and create the right plan, and then get to work to build your custom marketing solution.

    Step 3. You Do You.

    With your marketing in-check you’ll have more time, more money, and more freedom to do whatever it is you love.

    Certified Storybrand Guide, Tim Yates and Storybrand Creator, Donald Miller

    Certified Storybrand Guide, Tim Yates,
    and Donald Miller the creator of Storybrand.

    Just having a website isn’t enough

    Getting a website for your business isn’t the problem.

    Most small business owners we speak with already have a website for their business.

    The problem is their website just isn’t getting the job done.

    For the past 12 years, we’ve heard our clients’ needs and developed a complete sales and marketing system that works 24/7 to grow your business. 

    With a proven SEO growth strategy and Storybrand web design, we provide small business owners and non-profit leaders with an affordable website to help them grow.

    Additional Services We Offer To Help You Grow

    Strategy and Development
    Sales Funnel Design
    Feeding The Funnel


    Certified Storybrand Guide 1

    Clarify Your Message

    We use the Storybrand marketing framework to discover the words that resonate with your ideal customer's needs.

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    SEO Keyword Research

    Your clients customer journey begins when they search for someone like you. We make sure they find you and not your competitor.

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    Marketing Strategy

    We identify and then locate your ideal client and then develop the right strategy to get them to your website, so your website can go to work.

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    Website Wireframe

    Your website's only going to be as effective as the words you use. Focus on your message without being distracted by design.

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    DIVI WordPress Website

    Using DIVI WordPress we start with a blank page. Then custom build a website that meets your needs.

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    Lead Generating PDF

    Provide helpful information to potential customers to help solve their problem, and start to build your email list.

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    Automated Email/Nurture Sequence

    Use your growing email list to begin a conversation and convert browsers into buyers and clients.

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    Monthly Local & Organic SEO

    People are searching for the product or service you provide. Make sure they find you and not your competitors.

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    Content Blogging

    We determine what keywords your competitors are winning and then create targeted copy to take back your customers.

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    Social Marketing

    Attract your attention of your ideal clients and drive them to your website with 8, 15, or 30 social posts each month.

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    Web Hosting

    We offer commercial hosting so you can have confidence your website will work as it should.

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    Storybrand Video Production

    Turn your brandscript into scroll stopping videos that drive your ideal clients to your business.

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    Copy of Lead Generator April 2022

    Download This FREE DIY Storybrand Website Wireframe Template

    This simple wireframe document will help you create the Storybrand website blueprint you’ve read about.