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We help you build effective marketing to grow your business.

Using the proven storybrand framework to develop your marketing collateral, you can build the business you have always wanted.


Have A Confidence In Your Marketing


Save Valuable Time And Money.


See A Return On Your Investment

Stop Wasting Money On Marketing That Isn’t Working.

No more wondering if you’re doing it right.

No more sleepless nights.

Your marketing should be simple and it should work.

A Proven Marketing Strategy

To Build The Business You’ve Always Wanted.

A tested strategy that works.

The Storybrand Framework has already helped thousands of businesses grow. 


Make more money.

Have a sales funnel in place that attracts new customers, using your clear message, and then converts that traffic into actual sales to make more money.

Marketing that provides peace of mind.

Imagine ending each day knowing you have a plan in place to build the business you’ve always wanted.


Have a marketing guide by your side.

You can’t afford the spend money on marketing that doesn’t work.

As a business owner myself, I know the value of a dollar and the amount of work it takes to make each one.  That’s why we at StoryWorks.Marketing are committed to building marketing collateral that gets results. Using the tested and proven Storybrand Framework we can help you grow your business into what you’ve always wanted.   


Tim Yates, Owner & Certified Storybrand Guide

Tim Yates has served as Creative Arts Director, Video Director and Pastor for the past 28 years before starting Storyworks to help organizations implement the Storybrand Framework. Using his top two Strengthfinders gifts, “Strategy ” and “Maximizer,” Tim has dedicated his time to help businesses, non-profits and churches to clearly communicate their message and reach their full potential.

Certified Storybrand Guide

As a Certified Storybrand Guide I’ve spent countless hours learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team how to execute the StoryBrand and the Marketing Made Simple framework.
As an expert in the Storybrand Framework I can help you leverage the power of story to create clarity that will engage your audience and grow your business.

How we can help you.

Discovery Sessions To Clarify Your Message

Determine your clear message, create your one-liner and create your marketing plan to grow your business.

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Wireframe Your Website

Make sure you message works before you spend money on website design. We can help you build your wireframe using the Storybrand Framework to build a website that works.

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Build A Website That Works.

Build an effective website using the Storybrand Framework that clearly communicates who you are, the solution or product you provide to your customers and how it will make their life better, and presents a plan that calls them into action.

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Build A Sales Funnel.

Using your clear message we can help you design a tested sales funnel that has already helped thousands of business grow to their full potential. 

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Storybrand Coaching

You’ve read the book, listened to the podcast, participated in an online or live workshop and have even developed your Storybrand Branscript, but still feel stuck?  I can help you navigate some of the common pitfalls you might be experiencing and provide a second voice to make sure you’re on the right track with a 1-hour Video Coaching Call.

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Additional Ways We Can Help


Host events that are designed to guide your customers and call them to action.

Trade Shows

From layout, design to day-of strategy, we can help you make your mark at your next trade show.

Branded Merchandise

T-shirts, jackets, coffee mugs, anything to help you promote your brand.

Discover. Develop. Deliver.

3 Steps To Marketing That Works.



Schedule A Call

Discover – Schedule a free 30-minute phone call so we can discover who you are and what is the solution is that you provide to your customers.



Get A Plan

Develop – After we’ve heard your story we can then create a custom marketing plan that will best help you to grow your business. 



Grow Your Business

Deliver – With a Certified Storybrand Guide by your side, we will begin to implement your customized marketing plan and deliver to you marketing content that will grow your business.

The Storybrand Framework.

Tested & Proven

Prior to writing their book Marketing Made Simple, Don Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson hired an independent research company to survey thousands of their customers to find out who sees greater success from clarifying their message and creating marketing that sells.

Bottom line: The companies that implemented the 5 areas of the Storybrand Framework the most; one-liner, website, lead-generating PDF, email nurture campaign and email sales campaign, were the ones who had the most confidence in creating new marketing, saved more time and saw the most growth from their marketing efforts. Most importantly, the more a company implemented the framework, the more money they made.

Some companies that we have helped.

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Hear from our customers.

Mike Stuart

President, Family Arc

Many times, when trying to work through a specific challenge within your business, we can be too close to the problem to not see the solution. Tim has the unique ability to look at any business with an “out of the box” perspective that can lead to success. I’d highly recommend contacting Tim for whatever your current situation might be.”

Kevin Anthofer Route 69 CustomsKevin Anthofer

Owner, Route 69 Customs

For years, as a small business owner, I struggled managing my marketing and webstite on my own, spending countless hours of frustration and many sleepless nights questioning if what I was doing was working. Then a friend recomended I speak with Tim at Storyworks. Right away I knew this experience was going to be different, when Tim started asking questions about my business that quickly got to the core of what I was trying to do. He has helped build our website and has also created a full sales funnel that is working! I love it!


5 Steps To A Guaranteer ROI

5 Steps To A Guaranteed ROI

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