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Lead Generation

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Into Connections

Unlock your website’s potential with B2B and B2C lead generators that convert visitors into valuable leads.

Lead Collection

Captures contact info for outreach and relationship building.

Boost Conversions

Engages users, turning interest into action and sales.

Qualify Prospects

Identifies serious buyers for targeted marketing efforts.

The problem

You need a way to capture emails from your online visitors, but you don’t have a lead generator, so…

    • You’re missing out on collecting their contact info
    • Potential sales are just clicking away, unnoticed
    • Engagement drops off without a reason to stay
    • Follow-up opportunities are slipping through the cracks
    • You lack insights on who’s interested in your offers
    Without a lead generator your missing opportunities for sales.
    We think you deserve great customers, and they deserve to learn more about you.
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    Our solution

    A Custom Designed Lead Generator

    When you offer valuable content like PDFs, videos, or quizzes, you give visitors a good reason to share their email with you. Helping you to build your email list and then use this list to start a conversation and gain their trust.

    B2B lead generation & B2C lead generation

    At StoryWorks, we can create a lead generator that makes your visitors eager to engage and exchange their contact information for the helpful resources you provide.

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    Imagine waking each morning and finding new leads to grow your business

    One of the greatest joys I’ve discovered of having a lead generator on my website is waking up in the morning to find new leads have come in while I was asleep. Then to see more leads trickle in, one by one, throughout the day, well that’s just icing on the cake.

    Because you know that each email you receive means someone has opted in, and has folded into your sales process wanting to learn more about your and the product or service you offer.

    Talk about peace of mind!

    When you can visibly see and measure the results your sales funnel is producing week after week, you no longer have to wonder or worry if you’re marketing is working, because you SEE the results in real time.

    If you don’t have this peace of mind, let’s talk!

    I think you deserve to have a lead genertor that works 24/7, day or night, whether you’re in the office or away, and even while you sleep to grow your business.

    The Plan

    Three steps to transform your marketing.


    Let's talk about your business

    Describe for us your ideal situation when it comes to your marketing.


    We custom build your Lead Generator

    We craft client-focused copy, develop your lead generation strategy, and then build a customed lead generator for your webiste.


    Watch Your Business Grow

    You’ll have hassle-free marketing that delivers and you can get back to doing what you love.

    Our website traffic and sales increased drastically almost from the moment our new site went live. It was as though someone just flipped a switch!

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    StoryWorks Q & A

    What is a Lead Generator?

    A lead generator is a tool or resource on a website designed to gather information from visitors, typically in exchange for something of value. It’s a strategic part of online marketing that helps businesses identify and collect details from potential customers who show interest in their products or services.

    Here’s how it works: A visitor lands on your website and finds a free offer, like an informative PDF guide, a how-to video, or an interactive quiz. To access it, they enter their email address and other relevant contact information into a form. This transaction benefits both parties—the visitor receives valuable information, and the business gains a lead.

    This lead is not just any website visitor; it’s someone who has already shown interest in what you have to offer by engaging with your content. This makes them a qualified prospect who is more likely to respond positively to future marketing efforts.

    Lead generators are vital because they turn anonymous traffic into identifiable individuals who can be nurtured through email campaigns, personalized content, and direct sales outreach. Without a lead generator, businesses lose the opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level and to build a community around their brand.

    In essence, a lead generator is the starting point of a relationship between a business and a potential customer. It’s the first step in a dialogue that, when nurtured with care and attention, can lead to trust, loyalty, and, ultimately, a sale. It’s about offering something of value upfront and opening the door to ongoing communication and engagement.

    Why isn’t my newsletter an effective lead generator?

    Offering a newsletter may not be as effective as providing helpful information to solve a problem because:

    1. Specific Value: A newsletter is often seen as general information that might not address a specific issue a visitor has. In contrast, targeted content like a how-to guide directly solves a problem, providing immediate value.

    2. Urgency and Relevance: People are more likely to engage with content that offers a solution to a pressing problem they are experiencing now, rather than a newsletter that may contain various topics over time.

    3. Perceived Commitment: Subscribing to a newsletter can feel like a long-term commitment to receiving regular emails, which might not be appealing to all visitors. A one-time resource download is a lower commitment.

    4. Information Overload: Many users are already overwhelmed with emails and might be reluctant to subscribe to another newsletter. However, a single piece of helpful content is less of a burden.

    5. Lead Quality: Someone downloading a specific guide is often further along in the buyer’s journey, signaling a higher interest or a more immediate need compared to someone who casually subscribes to a newsletter.

    Providing solutions to problems not only offers immediate gratification to users but also positions the business as an expert in their field, enhancing trust and the likelihood of conversion.

    What is a lead generator?

    Why isn't my newsletter an effective lead generator?

    No longer be frustrated or embarrassed by your website.