What is a Story Brand Website?

Jun 12, 2023

So what exactly is a Story Brand Website, and how are Storybrand websites different than the website you own? 

Great question!

First, consider this, every year, thousands of small businesses spend thousands of dollars building beautiful websites that simply don’t work.

They might look great, but if they don’t move your visitors from browsers into buyers, the money spent building these great-looking websites is wasted.

The Three Stages Of Relationship

A Storybrand website has been designed to help move your website visitor through the three stages of a relationship that make up the customer’s journey.

Curiosity –> Enlightenment –> Commitment.

Curiosity – A Storybrand website captures the attention of a potential customer. It causes them to wonder how your product or service will help them to make their life better.

Enlightenment – Eventually, they begin to trust you that you are the one who can help them to solve their problem.

Commitment – This is when the potential customer is asked to take some risk and either hire you or purchase your product.

It’s the words we use that sell.

The first stage of developing a Storybrand Website is determining the right words to use that will sell your product or service. Words that will clearly communicate what you do and then motivate your potential customers to become engaged.

Step 1 – Define Your Clear Message.

At StoryWorks.Marketing we do this with a StoryWorks Discovery Sessions. During this 90-minute zoom call, we will discuss your business and how you help your customers to develop your business’s narrative story. Once your brandscript has been defined, we can then build your Website Wireframe.

Step 2 – Develop Your Website Wireframe.

Your Website wireframe allows you to see how your message will work before you get bogged down into choosing images, colors, and fonts. With your Website Wireframe, you can verify your words will work. 

To effectively communicate your business’s story, a Story brand website will use nine different areas of content, each with a specific purpose, to move your customers through their journey and convert them into sales. 

The Nine Sections Of A Storybrand Website Are:

  1. The Header
  2. The Stakes
  3. The Value Proposition
  4. The Guide
  5. The Plan
  6. The Explanatory Paragraph
  7. The Video (Optional)
  8. Price Choices (Optional)
  9. The Junk Drawer

Using some or all of these sections combined makes a Storybrand Website unique to other business websites.

Step 3 – Build Your Storybrand Website.

Now that you’ve developed your Website Wireframe, you can now take that Wireframe to any website designer to have your Website built. 

Question: Should I make sure my web designer is a Certified Storybrand Guide too? 

Answer: Although it’s true, that any web designer, when given your wireframe, could build your Website. I believe it’s important to have a Certified Storybrand Guide build your Website, and less stressful for you. As a Certified Storybrand Guide, they already understand the why behind the design and can develop your Website quicker and at less cost.

Here at Storyworks, we offer multiple Website plans to fit any size project and budget you have. I would love to help you build the Website you need to grow your business. For more information Schedule A Call, and let’s talk to get started.

The StoryWorks Guarantee

Building a Storybrand Website for your business is guaranteed to attract new customers and then convert those visitors into paying customers.

Want to learn more? Well, guess what! You’re in luck.

You can now purchase “Marketing Made Simple: A Step By Step Guide For Any Business” by Don Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson and read step by step instructions on how to develop a Storybrand Website, as well as a complete sales funnel to grow your business.

View Storybrand Website Examples Here

And as always, I’m here to help you in any way I can. I’d love to speak with you!

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