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Coach Builder Website: The Ultimate Guide to Success

Mar 23, 2024

Introduction: The Essential Role a Website Plays in the Success Of Your Coaching Business


As a coach, your website is more than just an online presence; it’s the cornerstone of your business growth and client engagement. However, a website alone isn’t enough. For your coaching business to thrive, you need a comprehensive marketing system that seamlessly integrates and leverages SEO, clear messaging, strategic design, helpful lead generation, and email marketing to build trust.

The challenge many coaches face is how to, or even know where to begin to create a site that looks good and effectively converts visitors into clients. This struggle is where the Storybrand framework and StoryWorks’ expertise come into play.


Your website should be the heart of a complete marketing system, working in unison with other components to grow your coaching business. It’s not just about having an online brochure; it’s about having a dynamic tool that attracts, engages, and converts your ideal clients. Let’s explore how building on a solid foundation can transform your website from a static page into a powerful engine for business growth.

Your Coaching Website: Building on a Solid Foundation

The Power of Words

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Donald Miller reminds us, “It’s the words you use that are going to sell what you do.” As a Storybrand Website Design Agency, StoryWorks leverages the Storybrand Brandscript to help you articulate your unique value proposition.

Have you created a branscript for your coaching business? Here are two ways you can get the brandscript you need:

  1. DIY: Go to and use the free tool Storybrand provides to create your brandscript. 
  2. Do it For You: Like most business owners discover, creating a brandscript for your own business is challenging. Knowing what to say is one of the most complex parts of marketing your business. Here at StoryWorks, our Brandscript Fast-pack is the perfect and simple solution to get the brandscript you need for your business. It only takes 10 minutes of your time to begin, and within 24 hours, you’ll receive in your email inbox your Storybrand Brandscript, Brand Story, and multiple variations to choose from of your one-liner, a short and succinct statement you can share that compels people to listen and want to know more about what you do. Plus, you’ll receive 20 Ways to Use Your Brandscript, FAQ: The Top 20 Questions For Your Business, a Basic Keyword Research Report to know what your ideal clients search for, a Keyword Gap Report, a side-by-side comparison of you and your direct competitors to understand what is working for them, plus a 1-hour Storybrand coaching call to help you pull all of this information together and grow your coaching business.,

Knowing Your Ideal Client and Keywords

Identifying your ideal client and the words that resonate with them is crucial. Through keyword research, we uncover the specific terms your potential clients use, guiding the creation of a website wireframe that captures their attention and addresses their needs. This foundational work ensures your website is found and resonates with your audience.

Crafting a Strategic Website Wireframe

The website wireframe is your website’s blueprint, organizing content and design elements to engage and convert visitors. It’s about aligning your online presence with your target audience’s core needs and desires, ensuring your website serves as an effective marketing tool.

Download a FREE Website Wireframe Template Here – Get Your Free Wireframe Template

Coach Builder Websites: The Benefits of Storybrand Website Design

For your website to be successful, it must quickly convey who you are, what you offer, how it will benefit the visitor, and how they can get it—all within the first 10 seconds. Our strategy helps clarify your message and position you as the guide, establishing your authority and connecting with your clients’ needs.

Crafting a Comprehensive Marketing System

Beyond your website, a successful marketing strategy includes effective lead generation and an email marketing plan. These elements work together to maintain engagement with potential clients, build trust, and lead them to become paying customers.

Once your complete system is in place, the next crucial step is to drive traffic to your website. This is where the real magic happens. A website designed to convert visitors into clients can only do its job if people are actually visiting it. With the comprehensive marketing system that Tim Yates can help you build, you’ll have the tools and strategies to attract visitors. Whether through SEO, social media, or other channels, driving traffic to your site allows the system to function as intended, turning those visitors into clients and growing your coaching business.

Conclusion: Take Action with StoryWorks

Your website is critical to your coaching business, but true success comes from a holistic marketing approach. StoryWorks provides affordable, comprehensive website and marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of coaches. With our support, you can transform your online presence and grow your business sustainably.

StoryWorks Coach Builder Websites provide a simple and affordable way to get the website your need. All website plans include 1 year of website hosting and 1 full year of unlimited changes. Our competitors think we’re crazy for offering 1 year of changes, but we are committed to helping you have the website you need. We believe unlimited changes shows this commitment. Get Your Website Today!

Start your journey to success by partnering with StoryWorks. Let us help you build a website that looks great and delivers consistent, measurable results for your coaching business.

Take the first step towards your successful coaching future with StoryWorks. Get Your Coach Builder Website, and let’s create something amazing together!

Tim Yates: Your Storybrand Guide to Overcoming Digital Dilemmas

Tim with Don and Badge Inset

Tim understands that building a website on your own can be daunting. You might worry about making mistakes, wasting time, or creating a site that doesn’t truly represent your coaching business. These fears are common among coaches who face the complex digital marketing task. That’s where Tim Yates comes in.

Tim Yates, a Storybrand Certified Guide since 2020, understands your challenges in the digital landscape. Trained by Donald Miller, he possesses the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the intricacies of website creation and online marketing. Tim is not just a guide; he’s a partner who walks you through each step, ensuring that your website attracts and genuinely resonates with your ideal coaching clients.

With Tim’s guidance, you can overcome the fear of getting it wrong. He will help you clarify your message, design a user-friendly website, and implement marketing strategies that work. Under his guidance, you’ll feel confident and equipped to showcase your coaching services effectively, knowing you have a website that speaks to your audience and builds lasting connections.

Have questions? Schedule a Call with Tim and start building your coaching business today! 

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