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Let’s begin by discussing your needs, concerns, and desired outcomes.  We’ll spend about 15-25 minutes discussing how StoryWorks can help you clarify the story your organization is telling and how you can better engage your audience.

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Storybrand Discovery Sessions

Three 90-Minute Session Designed To Clarify Your Message And Grow Your Business

Develop Your Brandscript

Write Your One-Liner

Develop Your Marketing Plan

Your Potential Customers Deserve To Know About

The Solution Only You Provide.

Does your business feel stuck?  Unsure which direction to turn?

Clarity is available to all who search for it.

Marketing should be easy, and it should work.

We at StoryWorks believe it’s wrong for a marketing company to charge you money and then fail to create a return on your investment. But we also believe it’s equally wrong that you, personally, would spend your time on an effort that does not pay you for your work.  As a business leader, your time is too valuable to waste.

Marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, simply define your the most effective message and then use those words to create a sales-funnel built using a proven marketing framework.

The first step to building a marketing strategy that provides shocking results, is to make the investment, for yourself and your business, and book a StoryWorks Storybrand Discovery Sessions; three 90-minute discussions to grow your business.


After completing these three 90-minute sessions you will:

  • Develope Your Storybrand Brandscipt.
    • This provides the words and copy to use for all of your marketing collateral.
  • Write Your One-Liner To Clearly State What You Do.
    • A one-liner is “The one magical sentence that will grow your business.” – Don Miller
    • Your one-liner will state the customers problem, the solution you provide, and how your solution is going to make the customers life better after doing business with you.
    • All in one succinct sentence, so the next time someone asks you, “So what do you do?” You can clearly state what it is you do, in a way that draws them in.
    • One-Liners are a powerful tool.
  • Review and Explore Ways To Strengthen Your Existing Marketing And Communications.
    • Using your clear message and copy from your Storybrand Brandscript.
  • Review Your Existing Website.
    • Using the Storybrand Website Framework we can determine if your website will be clear and effectively communicate your new Storybrand Brandscript.
    • Evaluate your websites on-site and off-site SEO potential.
  • Discover New Marketing Opportunities.
    • While developing your Storybrand Brandscript you will discover multiple channels, methods and areas to locate potential customers to begin a conversation.

As you can see, you will receive a tremendous amount of value during the StoryWorks Storybrand Discovery Sessions. I hope you take advantage of this great first step to transform your marketing and grow your business.

Let’s build together!

Tim Yates

StoryWorks.Marketing, Certified Storybrand Guide



Certified Storybrand Guide

As a Certified Storybrand Guide I’ve spent countless hours learning from Donald Miller and the StoryBrand team how to execute the StoryBrand and the Marketing Made Simple framework.
As an expert in the Storybrand Framework I can help you leverage the power of story to create clarity that will engage your audience and grow your business.

StoryWorks Discovery Sessions

Three 90-Minute Sessions With Tim Yates A Storybrand Certified Guide To Clarify Your Message.

Your financial investment for the StoryWorks Discovery Sessions

including three 90-minute sessions is $2,500 dollars.

Develop Your Storybrand Brandscript | Write Your One-Liner  | Develop Your Marketing Strategy

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Make your $250 dollar deposit to confirm your first scheduled meeting. 

Once you’re first meeting is confirmed, you will then receive an invoice for the remaining balance that is to be paid 3 days prior to your scheduled meeting.

Step 3 - You Will Be Directed To A New Page To Gather Information And Book Your 2nd and 3rd Meeting Times.

Once your time and date has been set, and your deposit has been made you will then be directed to a new page that will allow you to fill out and complete an information form.

And once again using Calendly schedule your 2nd and 3rd meetings times.



I look forward to our time together and excited to hear more about you and your business.  Below you can schedule your first 90-minute session, and then you will be directed to another page where you can fill out a pre-meeting information form as well as schedule your 2nd and 3rd meeting times.

If you have any question please email me at tim@storyworks.marketing and I’d be more than happy to assist you.

Looking forward to meeting together!

Tim Yates

Certified Storybrand Guide, StoryWorks

Using Calendly Schedule Your First 90-Minute Session.

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