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Small business owner happy with her website after using a Storybrand Website Blueprint before design.

Storybrand Website Blueprint

Helping you create the Storybrand website blueprint you’ve read about


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Marketing Made Simple

Focus on your messaging before design

Have confidence your website will work

Save time from less revisions during design

“It’s the words you use that’s going to sell what you do.”

 Donald Miller, Marketing Made Simple

But when it comes to your website…

Your message is unclear and confusing

  • You don’t have any way to generate leads
  • You lacking a clear call to action
  • You talk more about you than your customers
  • You don’t know how to find the right words

Spending money on marketing that only confuses your customers is frustrating.

We think you and your customers deserve more.

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Download This FREE DIY Storybrand Website Wireframe Template

This simple wireframe document will help you create the Storybrand website blueprint you’ve read about.

Tim and Don with Badge

Tim Yates, Certified Storybrand Guide

& Donald Miller, Creator of Storybrand

Storybrand Website Blueprint

You can’t afford to invest in a website that isn’t going to make you money

I get it. What’s the point of spending money on a website if it isn’t going to help you grow your business.

That’s why it’s essential to have the right message before you get into design.

But unfortunately, there are a lot of great looking websites, that only overwhelm or confuse their potential customers. Their website is what’s preventing them from making the sale. How frustrating is that!

Don’t make that same mistake – decide what you should say first, and then design your website around that message.

 After all, would you build a house without a blueprint? No, and your website shouldn’t be any different.



“Remember, it’s the words on a website that sells products. It’s great if the site is beautiful, but without the right words, the site won’t sell anything. Settle on a the right words by creating a wireframe that works.

The last thing you want to do is create and re-create a website a thousand times through a process of trial and error. Get it all down on paper before you design that site and you’ll thank me.”

Donald Miller

Author and Founder, Storybrand

Need help creating your website wireframe?

Step 1. Schedule a Call

Let’s talk about your business, your challenges, and how I can help.

Step 2. We Get To Work

We begin with a Discovery Session to find the right words and create the right plan, and then get to work to build your custom marketing solution.

Step 3. You Do You.

With your marketing in-check you’ll have more time, more money, and more freedom to do whatever it is you love.

“I needed someone to help me do more than just “build a good website.” I needed someone to help me create and convey the story I needed to tell. This is why I would 100% recommend hiring Tim and StoryWorks. The best thing about working with Tim was his guidance in using the Storybrand framework to help me to clarify and define our marketing message. By asking the right questions, Tim was able to pull out of me the story I wanted to tell. So I say 100%  yes, you should hire Tim!”

Gordon Haave

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