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Learn the three stages we use to transform your website into a Storyworks Sales Funnel.

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Get consistent results from your marketing efforts

Get the most ROI for your marketing investment

Grow your customer base

Build your email list to nurture and convert visitors into sales

Have Peace of Mind from Marketing That Works

Stop being frustrated and overwhelmed with your marketing

A website alone

Isn’t going to get the job done

Think of Your Website Like a Wind Turbine

A wind turbine requires two essential components to generate energy: the wind’s force on its blades and the motion of internal gears. The wind’s push sets the blades in motion, which, in turn, drives the internal gears. These gears transfer and convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Without these elements, a wind turbine cannot perform its primary function of harnessing wind power. While it may look like a functioning wind turbine on the outside, it can’t do it’s job.

Like a wind turbine your website needs a consistent and steady flow of visitors and the mechanism in place to convert those visitors into sales. Without these essential pieces in place, your website may look fine on the outside, but it’s not going to do the job of growing your business.

To help you assemble your Storybrand sales funnel, a complete marketing system, designed to attract your ideal clients and grow your business, we use the three development stages found below.

Three Steps To Transform Your Website Into a Sales Machine
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Building a Storybrand Sales Funnel

Three Stages Of Development

Stage 1: Strategy & Messaging To Attract

Step 1: We use Storybrand to help you simplify and clarify your marketing message

Most web design companies say “give us the words to say, and we’ll build your site,” but knowing what to say is the hardest part! We use Storybrand to help you find and say the right words that will attract and then convert your ideal clients.

Individual Service: Storybrand Coaching, Brandscript Fast Pack, StoryWorks Discovery Session

Step 2: We build an SEO framework to support your message so your ideal clients can find you

Now that we understand who your perfect customer is, we’ll research to discover the exact words they’re using currently to find businesses like yours. This helps us identify which keywords will be most effective in drawing these ideal customers to your business.

Individual Service: Keyword Research Report

Don’t be fooled, this a crucial step in the building process. If you find a web design company that doesn’t deal with SEO, we challenge you, check the websites in their portfolio with an SEO tool; you’ll find they get little to zero traffic.

Step 3: We combine your clear message with this keyword information to create and provide clarity with a website wireframe

Like building a beautiful home, your website needs a blueprint to help you avoid confusion and bring clarity throughout the website build. We take your SEO framework and clear message and begin to assemble a blueprint (wireframe) for your Storybrand sales machine.

Individual Service: Website Wireframe

Stage 2: Assemble Your Storybrand Sales Funnel To Convert

Step 4: We design and build a beautiful custom website

Now that your foundation has been set, we build a beautiful custom built website to grow your business.

Individual Service: Storybrand Website Design

Already have a WordPress site you love? Check out our Extreme Website Makeover!

Step 5: Create a Led Generator helps you build your email list

By providing valuable information to help your customers to solve their problems, your customers will willingly share their email, allowing you to build your email list.

Individual Service: Create Lead Generator

Step 6: Enact an automated email sequence to begin a conversation and earn their trust

Once your ideal clients opt in, it activates a personalized automated email sequence, initiating a conversation and building trust. 

Individual Service: Email Campaigns

Stage 3: Feed The Funnel To Grow

Step 7: Once your funnel is assembled you then only need to feed it to grow your business

Once your sales funnel has been assembled, gathering leads and converting to sales is as simple as driving more of your ideal customers to your website. Here at StoryWorks we’ll help you feed the funnel with multiple options for inbound marketing.

Individual Services: Local & National SEO, Social Media Management, Content Blogging, PPC Ads

And finally, we give you the time you need

The most important thing we provide you during the building process is time

We think you deserve the time you need to make sure it’s right.

Our competitors think we’re crazy, but we mean it when we say we believe you deserve to have a website that works.

So we back what we say by giving you one full year from the moment your site goes live to make any tweaks or changes as you see fit to improve the performance of your sales machine.

Ongoing Support

Step 8: We give you peace of mind

Now that your sales funnel is up and running, we offer complete website hosting and support to make sure it is always up and running. So you’ll no longer need to worry about your website. You can rest knowing your website is always up to date, backed up on a daily basis, and secure.

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Our website traffic and sales increased drastically almost from the moment our new site went live. It was as though someone just flipped a switch!

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