Great Storybrand website examples to help you imagine your next website

Most small businesses already have a website. The problem is it’s just not working.

Here’s how StoryWorks helped

EMC2 Group

EMC2 Group

Transform their Marketing
into a sales machine

We helped them

Clarify Their Message

Responsive Website Design

Create Sortable Project Gallery

Getting the website you need for your small business can be stressful.
Our goal is to make it as stress-free as possible.

The first step in our process is completing a StoryWorks Discovery Session. During this 90-minute Zoom call, we’ll walk through the Storybrand Marketing Framework to clarify your message and identify your ideal clients. Once this first step is complete, we’ll take it from there.

EMC2 Group

Their Storybrand “one-liner”

Not fancier, just better architectural services. When you work with EMC2, you’ll work with veteran architects who have your interests at heart, so your building will work well, your users will enjoy the space, and you will be thrilled that you met budget, schedule, and quality goals.

Their ideal client

Companies in need of architectural services.

The problem they wanted to solve…

For EMC2 Group, StoryWorks partnered together with another Certified Storybrand Guide to help them take their brandscript and build it into a website that works.  EMC2 also wanted a dynamic portfolio to display their projects to attract new clients.

The solution we provided…

We took the website wireframe they provided and designed their website., We built for them a website that works!

Working with a Certified Guide partner, we developed for EMC2 Group a beautiful and responsive website. Plus StoryWorks also hosts the website and completes monthly changes and updates when needed.