Google Business Profile: Someone at Google Got Smart

Jan 30, 2024

Remember Google+?

Google Plus Logo.svg

Google+ (sometimes: written as Google Plus, called G+, stylized as g+) was a social network experiment that Google launched in 2011 as an attempt to compete with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The only problem was that no one showed up.

ghost town tumbleweed

If you ever went to Google+ when it was open, it was a ghost town. No one was there, ever. The only thing it was missing were the virtual tumble weeds rolling in front of you across your screen.

So Google shut it down in 2019.

But then someone at Google got smart. Instead of trying to recreate the wheel, and have to woo people away from their beloved Facebook account, some brilliant tech at Google had the idea of taking what was formerly known as Google+ and making it part of the millions and millions of Google Business Profile accounts (formerly known as Google My Business) that already exist.

But now as an extra incentive to post, the more a business owner posts on their Google Business Profile, the more attention they will bring to their business and help them climb higher in their search rankings.


A Simple Way To Make Your Google Business Profile More Visibile

So here’s a step you can take today that is going to help your business rank higher within Google. Start posting on a regular basis.

Screenshot 2024 01 30 at 9.15.12 AM

Just locate your Google Business Profile. Scroll down until you see the “Add Update” section, add your post, add a photo, and then select a function telling Google what you want the button to do, and publish.

Boom. One step closer to growing your business.

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