Free Storybrand Website Wireframe Template

A simple and Effective tool to Storyrand Your Website

Make sure your marketing message works without getting distracted by design.

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Clarify Your Message Before Design

Know your website message is going to communicate before getting bogged down in fonts, colors and graphics.

Have confidence before design your website is going to work

It’s the words you use that going to sell whatever you do. Know for certain your message works.

Eliminate Confusion and Set a Clear Path To Follow

Like a beautiful home begins with a blueprint your website should begin with a wireframe.

Building a Storybrand Blueprint

Storybrand Website Wireframe: Everything You Need To Storybrand Your Website

What is Storybrand?

StoryBrand is a company founded by best-selling author Donald Miller that promotes the idea that being extremely clear in your marketing is the best strategy to grow your business.

What is a Storybrand Wireframe?

A website wireframe is a rough layout of a website that includes the written words that will be used on the site. A StoryBrand website wireframe is a specific layout that includes all the components that most companies should include on their homepage. The goal of the wireframe is to communicate clearly and cause the reader to take action.

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Hi, I’m Tim!

I’m a Certified Storybrand Guide and founder of StoryWorks. We use this simple wireframe template to help our clients build beautiful Storybrand Websites. I hope you enjoy using this free template tool and find it as useful as we have!

So What Makes a Website a Storybrand Website?

Good Question!

The Header

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 1.23.55 PMOne of the first things you’ll notice with a Storybrand Website is that the top menu will have a clear call to action button located on the top right side of the website header.

The Hero Section

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 1.38.50 PMThe Hero Section of a Storybrand Website must pass the grunt test. Which means that when a visitor comes to your webiste they must understand 1) Who you are 2) What you offer 3) How what you offer is going to make their lives better and 4) How they can get it. To pass the grunt test they must be able to know these 4 things in 10 seconds or less.

The Value Stack

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 1.44.44 PMThe value stack of a Storybrand Website let’s your potential customer know what three quick wins they will experience by using your product or service.

The Stakes

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 1.47.08 PMThe Stakes section of a Storybrand website provides two benefits. First it reminds your potential customer what horrible fate you are saving them from, and second, it agitates within them the problem. Although they may not be verbalizing whats at stake when they visit your website, they are for sure feeling it. Reminding them what’s at stake if they do not take action is a great motivator to take that first step towards your solution.

The Value Proposition

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 2.24.29 PMThe Value Section of a Storybrand Website is where you provide information about the solution you provide to help your customers solve their problem and how the solution you provide will improve their lives.

The Guide

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 2.28.27 PM

The Guide Section of a Storybrand website is where you are finally introduced into your customers story as the helpful guide that can help them solve their problem.

The Plan

Screen Shot 2024 02 24 at 2.33.23 PM

The Plan section of a Storybrand website is where you as the guide lay out a simple plan to instruct a potential customer what steps they will need to take to do business with you.

Additional Sections

  • The Explanatory Paragraph: This section is where you can use your one-liner and long form narrative story to invite your visitors in a story. This section is also a great addition for SEO content.
  • The Price Choices: List your products or services and the required investment the customer must make to solve their problem.
  • The Junk Drawer: Just like your junk drawer at home this is where you place anything else that is important for your business, but if found within the main part of your website would distract your visitors away or confuse their story.

Need help turning your wireframe into a website?

If you find yourself, after completing your website wireframe, in need of some help turning your new wireframe into a website, we’d love to help! Here are three ways we would love to help:

Storybrand Coaching

Unsure if your completed wireframe is right, or would just like a second opinion, Schedule a Storybrand Coaching session with Certified Storybrand Guide Tim Yates. Schedule a Coaching Session

Extreme Makeover: Storybrand Website

You already have a WordPress website and love the way it looks but it just hasn’t been getting the job done. Provide to us your completed wireframe and our experienced team can transform your existing website into a Storybrand powerhouse. Schedule a call and let’s talk about your website.

Storybrand Website Design

Need a basic website? eCommerce site? Complete sales funnel? Whatever your website needs may be we have the perfect and affordable cash-friendly plan to help you get it.  Plus every website we build includes 1 year of unlimited changes and website hosting on our secure and award-winning servers. You can learn more about our website plans here.

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Free Storybrand Website Wireframe Template

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