Building a Storybrand

The Need To Survive

Clarify Your Message So Your Customers Will Listen

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The Need To Survive

In his book, the Story Brand Book, Donald Miller says that our brains have been designed to help us survive. Every moment of every day, our brains take in a lot of data. Things such as sights, noise, room configuration, colors, and the list could go on and on. It’s amazing when you think about it, how our brains process this information and decide what is essential for us at that moment.

Paul Reber, professor of psychology at Northwestern University, explains at that a human brain’s memory capacity is roughly 2.5 Petabytes, which translates roughly to over two and a half BILLION megabytes of information. 2.5 Billion!

The amount of information our brains capture is astonishing. For instance, did you know the human brain consumes 34 GB of data daily just from ads alone. That alone is enough to overwhelm a typical laptop. But in addition to those ads, our brains must also process all of the surrounding information as well.

Every moment you are awake, your mind consumes this information. And even when you are asleep, your brain is still hard at work. Continually processing and crunching this data over and over and over again. Determining with each piece of data, what is needed, and what is vital to your survival.

Survival = The Path Of Least Resistance

When it comes to our brains, the thing to know is its function is to help us survive. Survival. That is the keyword. We must survive. Even though you may not be consciously thinking of survival, your brain is always searching for the path of least resistance and constantly working to burn the least calories it can to survive. 

Always looking for order and sequence to conserve calories. When something is confusing or doesn’t make sense and requires us to “think” more and use more calories, our brains send a response and tell us to move on. 

As an example, use yourself 

Have you ever visited a website that was confusing or too complex from the start, making it difficult to understand? When that happens, what do we usually do? We continue scrolling, right?

When browsing the internet, it’s like our brains have a built-in rule: when things get difficult, we instincively move on to the next thing.

Even when we’re not actively working, our brains stay busy. We daydream to understand our surroundings and use stories to retain information. So, when visitors come to your website, they’re considering how it benefits them and if the content can contribute to their well-being. Keep this in mind when crafting your business’s promotional messages.


You are not the hero. Keep reading


Table Of Contents

Section 1

Building A Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen – Discover the key principles from Donald Millers best selling book.

Section 2

The Need To Survive – Embedded within our DNA is the constant desire to survive, but how is this desire impacting your business?

Section 3

You Are Not The Hero. – This marketing paradigm shift introduces the idea that your story shouldn’t be about you.

Section 4

The Storybrand Brandscript – Learn more about this groundbreaking marketing tool that can change the direction of your business.

Section 5

Questions To Consider – Discover the answer to these eight questions and confidently grow your business.