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Questions To Consider

Now that you know how the Storybrand Framework can affect your marketing message, here are some questions for you to think about when it comes to your business.

  1. storybrand questionsDid you present your brand as the helpful guide or as the main hero in your marketing?
  2. If asked, could you tell your customer’s story?
  3. What do your customers want?
  4. What are your customer’s internal, external, and philosophical problems?
  5. Have you created a clear plan for your hero to win the day?
  6. Are your calls to action clear?
  7. Can your customers imagine how you can help improve their lives?
  8. Do your customers know the terrible outcome you’ve helped them avoid?

A great place to begin is by going to, creating your own Brandscript, and beginning to grow your business!


 If you confuse, you lose. – Donald Miller

Develop Your Storybrand Brandscript

Tim Yates Certified Storybrand GuideIf you’re ready to grow your business, then schedule a Discovery Session with Certified Storybrand Guide Tim Yates.

During your Discovery Session you will:

  • Develop your  Brandscript
  • Craft your One-Liner to communicate exactly what you do.
  • Review existing marketing and then search for new opportunities to use your brandscript message.

Table Of Contents

Section 1

Building A Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen – Discover the key principles from Donald Millers best selling book.

Section 2

The Need To Survive – Embedded within our DNA is the constant desire to survive, but how is this desire impacting your business?

Section 3

You Are Not The Hero. – This marketing paradigm shift introduces the idea that your story shouldn’t be about you.

Section 4

The Storybrand Brandscript – Learn more about this groundbreaking marketing tool that can change the direction of your business.

Section 5

Questions To Consider – Discover the answer to these eight questions and confidently grow your business.

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